Tooth Whitening

At Riverside we understand that the colour of your teeth can affect your confidence. We offer a range of dental whitening products which include Philips Zoom and Boutique. Our dentists will help you reverse years of staining with dentist-supervised home whitening. Home whitening is a straightforward procedure where you will be able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Dentist-supervised Home whitening


You can contact us to book in for a whitening consultation


You will have a series of impressions taken. These will then be sent off to the laboratory where custom made retainers will be made for your home whitening treatment

Treatment Process

You will be invited back for another appointment where your custom
made retainers will be fitted and the whitening process will be explained. A start shade will be taken.

Feel Rejuvenated

Following a two week period, you will be asked to return to review your tooth shade.

Tooth Whitening Fee Guide

Boutique home whitening£340.00
Philips home whitening£340.00
Maintenance (per syringe)£28.00

We supply both night whitening and day whitening products.
Day White – 6% hydrogen peroxide- wear for 1-2 hours
Night White 16% carbamide peroxide – wear overnight for a maximum of 8 hours
You will be supplied with an initial kit of 4 gel syringes and your trays. The whitening effect
can last up to 12 months, depending on diet, smoking habits and your dental routine.
Your trays can be reused, but you will need to buy new gel, which we can sell separately.

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