Root Canal Treatment

The root canal of a tooth contains nerves and blood vessels. Root Canal treatment consists of removing infection from the tooth. When a tooth becomes damaged, bacteria can cause an infection and damage the root canal of the tooth. In some cases, the tooth will become darker in colour which means that the nerve of the tooth is dying.
Root canal treatment is carried out to save the tooth.


Your Root Canal Treatment


Your dentist will take an X-ray of the tooth to analyse the extent of damage
to the tooth. If root canal treatment is a treatment option then your dentist will prepare
for the procedure.

Remove Infection, fill and seal

Your dentist will remove the infection from the tooth
canals under local aesthetics. Your dentist will place a temporary filling into the cleaned
tooth and you will be invited back for a permanent filling to be placed.

Second Visit –

Your dentist will fill the tooth permanently and seal it to prevent any
further infection. In some cases you will be advised to return for a crown restoration.

Root Canal Treatment Fee Guide

RCT molar from£499.00
RCT premolar from£415.00
RCT incisor from £368.00
RCT canine from£386.00

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