Dental Examination

A dental examination allows your dentist to carry out an assessment on your mouth,including your teeth, gums, and soft tissues. Gum disease is estimated to affect more the 50% of adults in the UK. Major health issues including heart disease, strokes and dementia have been linked to gum disease. Our dental examinations involve a structured approach to your oral health with our emphasis being on prevention helping our patients avoid costly and complicated procedures.

Dentist working on crowns and dental materials


Dental Examination for New Patients

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Meet Your Dentist

You will be booked in with your dentist who will then carry out all of
your dental treatment. They will take XRAY’s and carry out a detailed examination of your
teeth, gums and soft tissues

Next Steps

You will receive a detailed treatment plan which will be discussed in detail in
surgery. At Reception you will be given the opportunity to book in any required

Dental Examination and Dental Hygiene Fee Guide

New Patient Examination including 2 x XRAYS’s and treatment plan£99
Routine Examination excluding XRAYS£48
New Patient Hygiene (1 hour)from £165
Regular recall Hygiene appointment (20 mins)£66

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