Implants are an effective option for patients who want to replace missing teeth, but are not overly keen on dentures or bridge restorations. Implants are affixed to the jaw via a post, and are a durable, permanent addition that can complete your smile. As they are directly
implanted to the jaw, they also prevent the surrounding bone from shrinking, leaving your other teeth unaffected. Bridges and drilling of other teeth is not required.
Dental implants are a man made and manufactured alternative to the natural root of your tooth. Implants are made from high quality dental and medical grade titanium which integrate into the natural surroundings of your jaw. Dental implants are placed into the jaw and a crown restoration is placed on top of the implant. Implants are an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth where they provide a permanently secure and natural looking tooth.

Dental implants



You can contact us to book in for an implant consultation.


You will be referred to an implant clinic who we work closely alongside, where you will be provided with an in-depth treatment plan and treatment plan process

Treatment process

You will be invited back for several appointments with your dentist once the implant has been placed. This process is individual to each patient depending on your treatment needs.

Implant Fee Guide

Implant placement from£2500.00
Implant crown restoration from£1400.00

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