Braces and Orthodontics

Riverside Dental Practice are established specialists when it comes to teeth straightening and orthodontic treatments. From the latest Invisalign treatments to more affordable yet effective alternatives, we can offer tailored advice and support.
Orthodontic treatments straighten out crooked, overcrowded, or gapped teeth, realign crossbites, underbites or overbites.
Orthodontic treatments include the use of specialist appliances which achieve desired results for each patient. At Riverside Dental, we have a wide range of treatments to chose from which can deliver comfortable treatments to achieve the smile you have always wanted.
When it comes to straightening teeth, identifying potential issues at an early age is often best. At Riverside Dental, we put an emphasis on early detection, and recommend that children see us regularly. We are able to refer all children that require orthodontic treatment to dental practices that offer treatment under the NHS.

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Braces and Orthodontics


You can contact us to book in for an orthodontic consultation.


You will have a series of impressions taken. These will then be sent off to the laboratory where custom made appliances will be made for your orthodontic treatment.

Treatment process

You will be invited back for several appointments over the course of
your orthodontic treatment and will be advised on each appointment and what is required for each appointment.

Completing your Treatment

Once you have completed your treatment and you are happy to the results, impressions will be taken for your removable and fixed retainers. You will then have a separate appointment to have your retainers fitted.

Orthodontic Fee Guide

Cfast Cosmetic Orthodontics per arch£2206.00
Invisalign per arch£2757.00
Fixed Appliance per arch£1500.00
Invisalign Consultation£276.00
Orthodontic Diagnostic£211.00

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